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Stain remover + 2 sponges

Stain remover + 2 sponges

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Ideal for treating stains when pre-washing clothes, suitable for all types of clothes and fabrics . Eliminates the most difficult stains such as blood, wine, ink, coffee, sauces, among others.

How it works?

Step 1 - Moisten the stain
Step 2 - Using the sponge, rub the stain remover into the stain and leave it to act for 15m
Step 3 - You can put it in the washing machine or wash by hand

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Product characteristics

  • Effective against all types of stains
  • Suitable for delicate clothing, upholstery and carpets.
  • Glass container, 100% plastic free
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free
  • 2 FREE sponges
  • For white and colored clothes

Shipping and returns

We send by regular mail to reduce the CO2 footprint, and for your order to be delivered directly to your letterbox, so you don't need to be at home to receive your Natulim package.

No minimum order. If you're not convinced, we'll refund your money.

For all types of fabrics

We developed the Natulim stain remover to be suitable for all types of fabrics , and can also be used on carpets and upholstery.


One bottle of Natulim Stain Remover is equivalent to two bottles of a traditional liquid stain remover. We removed most of the water from the formula, leaving only the active ingredients.


How to apply the stain remover?

1. Moisten the stain.
2. Using the sponge, rub the Stain Remover into the stain
3. Leave it to act for 15 minutes and you can put it in the washing machine or wash by hand

Can the Stain Remover be applied to delicate fabrics?

With the exception of silk, it can be applied to all fabrics.

How much does shipping cost?

It's completely free ! We want Natulim to reach everyone. We ship by regular mail to reduce the CO2 footprint during transportation.

What are the ingredients in Stain Remover?

Os ingredientes da Natulim são de origem vegetal. São respeitosos com a pele e com o meio ambiente:

  • Álcool Etoxilado: Tensoativo não iônico biodegradável.
  • Iminodisuccinate de sódio: Reduz a dureza da água. É a melhor alternativa aos fosfatos.
  • Hidróxido de sódio: Equilibra o PH da água. 
  • Agua: Para manter a pasta unida.
  • Perfume: Aroma subtil a cítrico.
  • Sodium Palm Kernalate: Uma alternativa aos óleos de base petroquímica. É um tipo de sabonete muito eficaz.
  • Palmato de Sódio:  Uma alternativa aos óleos de base petroquímica. É um tipo de sabonete que ajuda a eliminar as impurezas. É usado em cosméticos porque não é agressivo com a pele.

Os ingredientes usados para produzir o nosso Tira-nódoas vêm de um cultivo sustentável de palma. Este certificado dá-nos todas as garantias em termos de proteção do ambiente, das comunidades, dos colaboradores e o ‘habitat’ da vida selvagem.

Certificação RSPO

RSPO, é uma organização global sem fins lucrativos, formada por membros voluntários e fundada pela organização WWF , entre outras. A visão principal é reunir todas as partes interessadas de toda a cadeia de fornecimento de palma para desenvolver e implementar padrões globais de sustentabilidade.

La Palma usa 10 vezes menos terra e menos recursos do que outras plantações, como Coco ou Colza.

Natulim's ingredients are of vegetable origin . They are respectful with the skin and the environment:

  • Ethoxylated Alcohol: Biodegradable non-ionic surfactant.
  • Sodium iminodisuccinate: Reduces water hardness. It is the best alternative to phosphates.
  • Sodium hydroxide: Balances the PH of the water.
  • Water: To keep the paste together.
  • Scent: Subtle citrus aroma.
  • Sodium Palm Kernalate: An alternative to petrochemical-based oils. It is a very effective type of soap.
  • Sodium Palmate: An alternative to petrochemical-based oils. It is a type of soap that helps eliminate impurities. It is used in cosmetics because it is not aggressive to the skin.

The ingredients used to produce our stain remover come from sustainable palm cultivation. This certificate gives us all the guarantees in terms of protecting the environment, communities, employees and wildlife habitat.

RSPO Certification

RSPO , is a global non-profit organization made up of volunteer members and founded by the organization WWF, among others. The main vision is to bring together all stakeholders from across the palm supply chain to develop and implement global sustainability standards.

La Palma uses 10 times less land and fewer resources than other plantations such as Coconut or Rapeseed.